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Getting your collection verified

What is a verified collection? 

A verified collection is verified when the NFTs are verified, in other words, when the NFTs are legitimate and usable in that projects environment. A verified collection gets a blue ✔️ next to its name and has a verified contract address linked to the project, manually reviewed by the Venly onboarding team. A verified collection will also always have its contract info correctly populated on the NFT level: logo, name, description and project link.

On the projects market page we show extra links as well as some additional project stats (coming soon).

🚨 you need to be verified to request the royalty fees from secondary sales. Read more on royalty fees at the bottom of this page. See an example of how a verified collection is displayed on the NFT level and in the overview page with the image below.
What are royalty fees? 

Royalty fees are a percentage of the transaction price of the NFTs sold that are attached to your projects contract address. Royalty fees are basically fees that the creator receives for every secondary sale.

Request your royalty fees: 

First you'll need to be verified, see the first paragraph of this page to apply. Once verified you can fill out this form: and submit your verification details. You'll be invited for a verification call before we can automatically send you the royalty fees to your desired Venly account.

Become a verified collection: 

In order to start the verification process you'll need to fill out this form:

Your email (please use the official website domain)

Name of your Collection

in the example: "Battle Racers"

Are you the owner of the Collection or are you part of the founding team?

Are you the owner of the Collection or are you part of the founding team?



NFT contract address

Link to one of your NFTs in the Venly Market

Description of your Company or Brand (Min 2 sentences)

Will be displayed in your collection

Logo (144:144)

will be displayed in a circle (see above)

Your Website

Will be displayed under the project description

Your Twitter

Your Discord

Your Medium

Your Telegram

Your Instagram

Banner for profile (1400:180)