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Rewards submission data

Please complete this form so we can send you rewards if you're among the winners!
Sprints: weekly sprints start and end each Thursday at 12 PM UTC.
- Top 20 in the leaderboard will receive each 5 USDC on their Venly Market account and 100 VENS
- Top 5 will receive a mystery NFT
- 5 random soldiers from top 100 (excluding top 20) will receive a mystery NFT

What is your email address linked to your Venly Market account?

What is your Twitter handle? eg. @myhandle

What is your discord username? eg. DiscordUsername#7431

What's your (!) POLYGON (!) Venly Market Deposit Address

Please use this guide to find your deposit address on (!) POLYGON (!): note that if the address is not on Polygon, your coins will be lost forever!

Provide your Zealy user name

1. Login to Zealy
2. Head over to the top right corner
3. Click on your profile pic
4. From the dropdown, choose account settings
5. Copy your username

Do you agree with the rules of the campaign?

Do you agree with the rules of the campaign?